HTS1000 Series

SDPS Electronics offers Hardware Testing Solution (HTS1000 Series) for testing wide range of electronics devices and integrated circuits (ICs).

HTS1000 consists of:

  • PC application,
  • SDPS2000,
  • PCB daughter board.

PCB daughter board provides electrical interface between 50-pin header of SDPS2000 and customer’s system. This board is designed for each individual testing system (HTS1xxx) according to the electrical testing specification provided by the customer.

PC application is used to control testing procedures. It can be installed on any PC with USB 2.0 port, running MS Windows XP or later. PC application is designed for each individual customer (HTS1xxx) following testing procedures specification provided.

As HTS1000 Series is based on our SDPS2000 platform, the total cost of delivering HTS1xxx system is just the fraction of the cost required to design and develop similar system from the very beginning.

There is no minimum quantity order required. Development cost involved depends on the complexity of the test specification provided. Communication with the customer is done under Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to ensure right level of confidentiality.

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